Introduction is a minimalist online multiplayer real-time strategy game. The goal of the game is to grow and expand your realm through exploration and conquest.


There are three different buildings in the game. The first of these is the Capital City, which is the only building in your territory when you start the game. The Capital City cannot be built by players and no player may have more than one Capital City. If the tile where your Capital City is located is captured, you will lose the game.

The second building in the game is the Farm. The purpose of the Farm is to generate extra Gold for your coffers.

The last building in the game is the Fort. The purpose of the Fort is to serve as an impediment to enemy units that attempt to capture nearby tiles that belong to you.

Building Build Cost Maintenance/Income
Capital City
15 Gold +5 Gold/cycle
25 Gold -3 Gold/cycle


There are three units in the game: the Skirmisher, the Spearman, and the Knight. Each unit has a strength value which determines its chance of success in combat. Each unit also has an embarked form which represents the unit while it is located on a water tile. You can only build units on land tiles which you control.

Unit/Embarked Unit Build Cost Maintenance Strength
15 Gold 3 Gold/cycle 1
30 Gold 6 Gold/cycle 2
45 Gold 12 Gold/cycle 3


The distance a unit can move depends on both the tile that it is standing on and the unit's destination. The length of a unit’s move is calculated by this formula:

length = max(abs(Δx), abs(Δy))

The movement range for units is given in the following table:

Friendly Land Unclaimed/Enemy Land Water
Source Land 3 1 3
Water 1 1 6
After a unit moves, it will enter a 1/2 cycle (5 second) cooldown period during which it will be unable to move.


A unit can attack an enemy unit by moving onto the tile that the enemy unit occupies. The chance of destruction in combat depends on the relative unit strength of the attacker and the defender.

Relative Strength (Attacker minus Defender) Attacker Destruction Chance Defender Destruction Chance
2 25% 100%
1 50% 100%
0 (equivalent) 75% 100%
-1 100% 67%
-2 100% 33%

If the attacker is destroyed in combat, the defender's tile will not be taken, even if the defender is also destroyed.


If a unit moves to an unclaimed tile or an enemy tile which is not defended by a fort, the unit will claim that tile for its owner. If a unit moves to an enemy tile which is defended by a fort, the unit has a chance of capturing the tile based on its strength; if the unit fails to capture the tile, it will be destroyed.

Unit Fort-Defended Tile Capture Chance
Skirmisher 10%
Spearman 35%
Knight 60%


Your total Gold reserves are adjusted based on income from land and Farms and expenses from unit and building maintenance once every 10 seconds (known as a cycle). You receive 1 Gold per cycle for every 5 tiles that the own. If your total Gold drops below zero, you will lose the game.